Finnish marketing communications companies’ sales margins up by 10.4% in 2010

Digital, media and advertising agencies enjoyed the best sales margin growth in 2010.

Finland’s market for marketing communications was worth some EUR 455 million in 2010 compared to EUR 412 million in 2009, according to a study conducted by The Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies. In 2010 the sales margin of the corporations in the sector, including advertising, media, communication, digital and event agencies, increased by 10.4% from the year before.

Digital agencies enjoyed the best sales margins with 14.8% growth, followed by media agencies with 10.4%. The communications agencies’ sales margins increased by 4.7% and the event agencies’ sales margins by 5%, while advertising agencies’ sales margins grew by 11.7%. The advertising agencies’ share of the whole marketing communications expert services’ sales margin was about 60%.

According to the study, the total sales margin for marketing communications corporations and business groups increased by 9% in 2010. The leading marketing communication corporations in Finland are Salomaa-Yhtiöt, TBWA/PHS Helsinki and Louder Finland.

Source: Markkinointi&Mainonta