Finnish Lapland attracts more Russian and Chinese tourists

Tourism companies in Lapland are looking for international partners to attract more tourists to the area.

The prospects for the tourism sector in Lapland remain very good. A total of 457,000 foreign tourists visited Lapland in the first half of this year which is an increase of 8.3% compared to the same period one year ago. This year the number of Russian tourists has increased by 30% from the year before. Other growing customer groups include Chinese tourists and the baby boom generation from the Western countries which is now reaching retirement age and has the money, health and time for travelling.

Tourism companies in northern Finland are increasingly offering their services to international customers. For example, Pro Santa and Lapland Safaris are almost exclusively targeting foreign tourists and have researched the purchasing behaviour of their foreign customers in the social media with the help of Finpro.

The importance of foreign tourism in Lapland is increasing all the time, according to Jarno Valkeapää, regional director of Finpro Lapland. “One focus of the new office that we established in Rovaniemi in January is to help the companies in the tourism sector to develop their business and to find foreign partners as a way of bringing more foreign tourists to northern Finland,” says Valkeapää.

Source: Lapin Kansa