Finnish invention helps prevent cardiac problems

Pocket device Beat2Phone records ECG and communicates with smartphones through an Android application.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed the first equipment and application for Android smartphones which make it possible to measure and save an electrocardiogram (ECG). The portable device called Beat2Phone fits in a pocket and can be used to record an ECG even at home or to monitor cardiac dysrhythmia, helping to prevent cardiac diseases.

The device communicates through Bluetooth with an Android smartphones. The results can be sent to a doctor by email or on the internet. “Now people with heart problems can start recording their ECG as soon as symptoms appear, and send the results to the doctor by email or on the internet. The device can also be used to support home medical care,” says VTT Technology Manager Timo Varpula, who came up with the idea.

Multiple benefits

Beat2Phone also makes it possible to analyse the pulse and measure speed and distance based on GPS readings more effectively than traditional products. The device is helpful for athletes, for example in preventing overtraining. It can also be used to monitor work stress leading to exhaustion. According to VTT, with a little development the device can be used to monitor the sleep of people suffering from sleep apnea.

The device has a global market. About 5% of the world’ population suffers from dysrhythmia, which increases to 12% for people aged over 60. The device is expected to come on the market in one year.

Source: VTT