Finnish innovation improves water network monitoring

InnoAqua’s online monitoring system is designed to boost efficiency and revenue in water companies of all sizes.

Finnish company InnoAqua has developed an innovative way to improve a water network’s reliability by online monitoring, and is currently looking for investors to commercialize the system. InnoAqua cloud-based monitoring and data management platform enables a water company to monitor its networks and status of its equipment in real time.


The system identifies leakages, makes alerts and helps to direct repair work to the right place at the right time. “The solution is designed to work over a location data user interface so all the information is visible on a map,” says Jukka Salminen from InnoAqua.


Reducing costs, boosting revenue


According to InnoAqua, water and wastewater pipelines and equipment can be easily and inexpensively monitored online in all water companies, regardless of their size, in cities, municipalities and rural areas. Online monitoring and network documentation can reduce operational costs by 20-50%. More revenue can be generated by reducing non-revenue water and rigorously controlling lost water.


Many water utilities lack detailed information about the condition and location of their network. The real situation is only revealed when the water stops running or the pipes burst somewhere, according to Salminen. He believes that InnoAqua’s pre-emptive monitoring system improves efficiency and saves time and money spent on dealing with water interruptions and leakage handling. Better planning also speeds up the maintenance and repair of water and wastewater networks.


Source: InnoAqua, Kauppalehti