Finnish grocery stores report good business after 9pm

Extended opening hours are attracting specific customer groups and are now contributing significantly to sales revenue in Finnish stores.

Finnish grocery stores that have made use of extended opening hours report that the change has been good for business. Traditionally, the busiest retail shopping hours fall between 4pm and 9pm, but grocery sales after 9pm are now also bringing in a significant amount of customers. Some of the most popular products after 9pm include ready-made foods, confectionary products and frozen pizzas.

According to Jenni Keskinen, group director for Pirkanmaan Osuuskauppa which is part of the S-Group, one major consumer group in the evenings consists of people buying food and snacks for watching television. Many customers are also buying packed lunch ingredients for the next day, while younger consumers visit the stores to buy energy drinks and confectionary products. Keskinen says that the product selection of the S-Group’s late-opening ABC stores has been specifically weighted to reflect the demands of the evening customers.

According to Jarmo Laiho, regional sales director of Suomen Lähikauppa, the most popular products at the Siwa stores after 9pm are milk products, bread, meat products and confectionary products. He confirms that the evening sales now form an important source of revenue for Suomen Lähikauppa, which has also conducted experiments in several stores that were open around the clock. The experiment was discontinued, however, after results showed that sales fall significantly after midnight.

Source: Aamulehti