Finnish government is promoting timber construction

The promotion of timber construction is anchored in the government’s bioeconomy strategy, which aims at making Finland the world leader in the bio and circular economy and clean solutions, says Kimmo Tiilikainen, Minister of Agriculture and the Environment.

The target is to increase the use of wood by 15 million cubic metres annually in industrial applications and energy production. According to Tiilikainen, another reason for promoting timber construction is that its growth plays a central role in the increase of raw wood use. “Timber construction must be seen as a part of the bioeconomy strategy and the diverse use of wood. As there is an export market for wood products and building components, the government has good reason to push the progress of the timber construction and wood product industry,” Tiilikainen says.

Tiilikainen emphasises the necessity to dissolve some regulations in order to speed up the growth of timber construction. “We will promote the use of wood in construction, for example, by dissolving unnecessary regulations. The preparation work for this is currently underway.

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