Finnish gaming industry revenue to reach EUR 165 million this year

Finnish company Rovio, developer of the Angry Birds game, is now valued at USD 1.2 billion, according to a report by Bloomberg.

According to Helsinki Times, the Finnish gaming firm Supercell raised USD 12 million from Accel this year. Supercell’s Gunshine game has about half a million active players. Another Finnish gaming company set for success is Grey Area which received a glowing review in the New York Times for its multiplayer online game Shadow Cities. In Shadow Cities the gaming area is the user’s actual physical location, made possible through the iPhone’s GPS service. Your home city literally becomes the location for the game, where neighbourhood landmarks become “gateways” that are fought over by different factions.

According to game reviewer Seth Schiesel, “Shadow Cities isn’t just the future of mobile gaming. It may actually be the most interesting, innovative, provocative and far-reaching video game in the world right now, on any system.”

Sources: Helsinki Times, Neogames