Finnish gaming company RedLynx is acquired by Ubisoft

RedLynx’s Trials is one of the best-selling games ever on Xbox, with more than two million paid downloads.

According to Tero Virtala, chief executive officer of RedLynx, the reality of today’s game market is not about platforms, it’s about creating excellent gaming experiences that consumers can play on any device or screen they like. “As part of the Ubisoft team, RedLynx will be able to focus even more intently on creating stand-out, excellent brands that push the boundaries of online gaming in many new growth areas. With Ubisoft, a wider audience will get the chance to enjoy our games, we‘ll generate more value for our brands, and also leverage our experience more broadly in digital distribution channels,” he said.

Ubisoft’s sales in the last fiscal year were more than EUR 1 billion and the company has subsidiaries in 26 countries.

Source: Ubisoft