Finnish game developer Uplause works with Samsung at the Olympics

Uplause's voice-controlled games create new opportunities to connect brands and big crowds.

World's biggest joystick engaging big crowds

According to Applause, its mission is to connect the brands and the crowd – the world's biggest joystick – and facilitate the fun. The company has a catalogue of more than 30 games which it says offer a powerful activation tool for brands by engaging big crowds at festivals, sporting occasions and other events.

Games such as football, festivals, basketball, baseball, winter sports, athletics and ice hockey can be played via various joysticks like voice control, Facebook Likes and Twitter hashtags. Premium features include real time competition between different venues, game statistics and leaderboards, and social media plug-ins.

Uplause has been listed by Wired Magazine among the “hottest startups in Europe” and in the Tech Tour 2011 Top 25 Start Ups.

Sources: MCV, Uplause