Finnish consulting business has grown strongly

New generation of Finnish business leaders are more ready to use expert services.

Finland’s consulting sector has grown strongly during the past decade. The turnover of companies in the sector increased by 37% in the period 2006 – 2009 and the number of people working in the sector by 41%, according to the Finnish Management Consultants Association.

The economic problems of recent years may also have been a positive phenomenon for consultants, says Pekka Kurvinen, chairman of the association. Companies require expert assistance particularly during structural changes.

Changing business culture

Kai Koskinen, a partner in the Finnish consulting company August, believes that the growth of the consulting business is a result of the retreat of the do-it-yourself ethos among traditional company management in Finland. According to Koskinen, the new generation of managers is used to team work and not afraid to use expert consulting services.

Acccording to Markus Valoaho, also a partner at August, companies now require more and more detailed information and expert know-how in order to be successful. The knowledge does not always have to come from inside the company itself. “For example, by using consultants the company does not need to have a sizeable internal development organisation,” he says.

Source: Helsingin Sanomat