Finnish computers among the most secure in the world

Only 2.3 of every 1000 computers in Finland are infected by malware, according to the latest Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report.

inland has continued its good data security ranking in Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report. Only 2.3 of every 1000 computers in Finland were infected by malware in the final quarter of 2010, according to Microsoft’s latest report. This compares to a global average of 8.7 infected computers detected by the MRST tool. The report also shows that in Finland the number of malicious websites per 1000 computers connected to the internet is between 0 and 0.15.

The most common malware category in Finland during the final quarter of 2010 was Adware, which affected 35.5% of all cleaned computers. The second most common category in Finland was miscellaneous Trojans, which affected 27.6% of all cleaned computers.

Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report (SIR) is an investigation of the current online threat landscape. It analyzes exploits, vulnerabilities, and malware based on data from over 600 million systems worldwide, as well as internet services, and three Microsoft Security Centers.

Sources: digitoday, Microsoft