Finnish company Valtra develops biogas tractor

Dual Fuel system means that the tractor can use both biogas and diesel as fuel, cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Finnish company Valtra, the leading tractor manufacturer in the Nordic countries, has completed a prototype for a tractor that runs on biogas. Demonstration biogas tractors have already been exported to Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany.

Valtra will be building a series of ten biogas tractors this year. The tractor will operate with the Dual Fuel system which means it can use both biogas and diesel as fuel. The tractor can run on biogas for about five hours. In the Dual Fuel system a small amount of diesel fuel is injected by the normal fuel injection system to ignite the air/gas mixture.

New investments

According to Tapio Riipinen, managing director of the Finnish company Afcon Oy which is involved in developing the biogas tractor, it will take time for the biogas tractor to gain market share because the distribution network for gas is limited and the purification and processing of the gas will require investments.

Valtro is set to make its biggest ever investment into tractor production in the next few years. The back end of Valtra’s factory assembly line located in Äänekoski was renewed last year and the front end is next in line for investments.

Source: Maaseudun Tulevaisuus