Finnish company Stora Enso enters wood construction market

Stora Enso says it can build a ready-to-move-in apartment block from prefabricated wood elements in six months.

Finnish company Stora Enso, a global maker and seller of biomaterials, paper, packaging and wood products, says it can construct a five-storey wood apartment block on an empty plot with 50 ready-to-move-in homes in just six months. Stora Enso is now setting out to compete with cement construction methods by offering a fast delivery time for an environmentally friendly apartment building.


In July 2012, Stora Enso acquired the prefabricated house operations of Finndomo Ltd located in Hartola, southern Finland, which includes a factory, raw materials and machinery for the manufacture of prefabricated houses, as well as Finndomo’s skilled workforce.


New territory


Stora Enso’s regional director Janne Manninen views the company’s move into ecological wood apartment block construction as a natural step into new territory. Stora Enso has a history in sawmill timber, gluelam and CLT production, and increasing the level of processing of the wood products to prefabricated elements is in line with the company’s strategy, says Manninen.


Production at the Hartola factory is expected to reach full capacity in the summer, providing employment for about one hundred people in total, including subcontractors and all Finndomo’s former employees.


Source: Yle