Finnish company Seulo expands its innovative online grocery store

Demand for organic, locally produced and environmentally friendly products is growing in Finland.

The Finnish company Seulo Palvelut Oy is expanding its innovative online grocery shopping and home delivery service from the Helsinki metropolitan area to the city Tampere. In addition to a wide selection of daily groceries, Seulo’s online service also provides consumers direct access to local produce, organic food and specialty products, as well as laundry and library services. Seulo’s customers order all their goods and services online and have them delivered in one consolidated shipment at a time of their choosing for a single delivery fee.

“The demand for locally produced and organic food is constantly increasing as ecological values strengthen and people are becoming more interested in the origin and production methods of their food products. However, consumers find it difficult to locate the products because many producers are still unknown to the wider public,” explains Erkki Timmerbacka, Seulo’s managing director.

Seulo reduces the carbon footprint of its customers by consolidating its deliveries and decreasing the need for private car transport. The company also acts as a logistics partner for small local producers by helping them to distribute products directly to the consumers.

Seulo also conducts research, surveys, tests, piloting and dissemination activities regarding local logistics challengers. According to Seulo, the local logistics of small shipments from small producers to consumers’ has enormous development potential.

Sources: Logiera, Seulo