Finnish company Pintos to modernise steel rolling line

Leading Nordic nail manufacturer Pintos aims to boost competitiveness, efficiency and work safety with new investment.

The Finnish company Pintos Oy is investing EUR 2 million for modernising and automating the steel rolling line at its factory in Eura, located in south-western Finland. The unique lines will be supplied by the German company KOCH GmbH and the investments will be made in two phases in 2013–2014.

Increased automation will boost competitiveness, efficiency and work safety, according Tuomas Pere, CEO at Pintos. The company has invested tens of millions of euros in its machine and equipment stock during the past decade.

Reinforcement mesh and bars

Pintos was founded in 1956 and is today the leading manufacturer of nails in the Nordic countries and one of the biggest suppliers of reinforcement meshes and bars. Pintos also exports its products to the rest of Europe.

Pintos’ production facilities are located in Eura, Rauma-Lappi and Jokioinen, which currently employ about 150 people. The company also owns the timber products company Pintopuu Oy and has Swedish subsidiary called NTS-Trådspik AB. The group’s turnover is about EUR 50 million.

Source: Kauppalehti, Pintos