Finnish company brings e-commerce expertise to Lapland

Electronic Commerce Finland Ltd helps the tourism and experience industry to develop its online marketing.

The power and potential of e-commerce is also recognised in the Arctic north, where the newly established Electronic Commerce Finland Ltd has started operations in Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland in northern Finland.

Rovaniemi is fast developing into a strong cluster of travel and tourism know-how. Companies in the sector are currently very excited about e-commerce and Internet marketing, especially thanks to the current boom in the social media, according to Ilkka Kauppinen, Director of Development and partner at Electronic Commerce Finland Ltd.

The company offers consulting, coaching and development services, and also conducts Internet and technology-related research, especially for the benefit of the tourism and experience industry. Technological innovations, new channels, and changing media environments have created new and effective ways to reach consumers. Electronic Commerce Finland Ltd can support businesses to make the most of these opportunities, for example by producing regional e-commerce development plans.

Source: Lapin Kansa