Finnish companies first to make SEPA payment with a mobile phone

Mobile phone payment system developed by Finnish company ePygg uses a mobile certificate and near field communication to enable fast and secure payments.

“The mobile certificate makes shopping and other tasks faster and easier, and brings international mobile payments to a new level. Instead of entering credit card information for the transaction, it is enough to enter the user’s personal PIN to his or her own mobile phone,” explains Mika Repo, Business Lead in charge of Elisa Varmenne.

The mobile certificate, which was produced as a Finnish Federation for Communications and Teleinformatics (FiCom) collaboration between several operators, is compatible with almost all Finnish mobile phones. The certificate is used to confirm user identity for logging in various services, and can be used for giving digital signatures. The first mobile certificates were granted to the public on 27 June.

Source: Good News Finland, ePygg