Finnish companies believe in the future of online grocery shopping

Some business leaders predict e-commerce breakthrough in Finland’s grocery trade during 2010

Finnish consumers are beginning to learn to buy services and online grocery stores will find customers from busy working people, according to Anu Raijas, Director of Research at the National Consumer Research Centre. So far online grocery stores in Finland have not been profitable and have failed due to logistical problems and high delivery charges, according to Raijas. Price is an important criteria for Finnish consumers and although food prices are the often the same on the Web as in the store, the collection and delivery charges of the products have raised the price too much.

Merja Saari, regional director of HOK-Elanto, believes that e-commerce is the future of the grocery trade in Finland. She expects people with limited mobility and those with a very busy lifestyle to be among those using the online services. Erkki Timmerbacka, managing director of the Sello shopping centre in Espoo, believes that online grocery shopping will actually make its breakthrough in the market during the autumn of 2010.

Source: Turun Sanomat