Finnish city Vaasa attracts customer contact centers

Vaasa's bilingual workforce provides telemarketing and customer services in Finnish and Swedish.

The University of Vaasa and Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK have been mapping out the contact centers operating in the city. According to Mikko Niiniketo, Project Manager at the University of Vaasa, the number of personnel has been increasing in the sector and was not affected even by the period of recession.

Niiniketo predicts that the sector will continue to grow in Vaasa as long as it enjoys an adequate supply of labour. Many centers are currently looking to increase their staff. For example, Call Waves Solutions Finland Oy is ready to hire five more employees.

VASEK is owned by the municipalities of the Vaasa region and provides information and assistance to international companies and investors interested in the opportunities offered by the Vaasa region.

Source: Pohjalainen, VASEK