Finnish biogas plant awarded EUR 5.7 million investment support

New production and processing plant by Kujalan Komposti Oy and Gasum will produce up to 50GWh of biogas annually.

Finland’s Ministry of Employment and the Economy has awarded a total of EUR 5.7 million in investment support for a biogas plant project by the Finnish companies Kujalan Komposti Oy and Gasum. The new biogas plant will be constructed in Lahti, southern Finland, at the Kujala waste centre where much of the region’s biowaste is already being processed in Kujalan Komposti’s existing composting facility.


The investment support consists of EUR 4.2 million for Kujalan Komposti’s decomposition facility and EUR 1.5 million for Gasum’s biogas processing plant and for feeding the gas into the transmission network. The new biogas production and processing plant will be the largest of its kind in Finland, producing up to 50GWh of biogas annually.


Biogas as vehicle fuel


In the plant, organic waste is decomposed to produce gas which is then processed so it has the equivalent constitution to natural gas, which is at least 95% methane. The processed gas is fed into Gasum’s network for transmission to the user sites. The natural gas pipeline network covers the southeastern and southern parts of Finland and totals around 1,200km in length.


The renewable biogas could be used, for example, as vehicle fuel. The output of the plant would be enough to cover the annual fuel needs of 125 buses or 2000 private cars, according to Pasi Torri, who heads Gasum’s biogas business unit. Construction work on the new plant is expected to start as soon as the project receives its environmental permit. The total cost of the project is estimated at EUR 17 million.


Sources: Gasum