Finnish baler solution boosts productivity in wood harvesting

Fixteri’s harvesting method is the first to allow felling and bundling to take place in one go.

An innovative baling system for small-dimensioned wood harvesting developed by the Finnish company Fixteri Oy has attracted an investment of EUR 914,000 by VNT Management Oy and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Fixteri’s baler has been developed for harvesting stem wood in young forests and first thinning sites.


According to Fixteri, it is the first company in the world to develop a logistics chain solution for harvesting small-dimensioned wood and the necessary technologies to benefit the forest and energy industries, harvesting entrepreneurs, forest owners, and nature alike. Depending on the structure of the growing stock and the market situation, the Fixteri baler can be used to bundle both pulpwood and energy wood bales.


Multiple benefits


The baler bundles stem wood into bales that are easy to manage, speeding up the transportation of raw wood material. “The forest and long-distance transportation of baled wood is 2-3 times more efficient than loose cut wood,” says Minna Lappalainen, Fixteri’s CEO.


The baler automatically measures and registers the green weight of each bale during the bundling process, before the bale is dropped onto the ground. According to Fixteri, its baler improves the quality of raw wood material by breaking the surface of the stem wood and producing bales with such consistence and size that they dry extremely efficiently. In the feeding phase, the delimbing feeder rollers of the baler remove the needle and leaf mass mechanically onto the ground, which maintains a good nutrient level in the forest and a better substrate.


Fixteri is expecting the amount of wood chippings required for energy production to double from the current level in order to fulfill the national targets for renewable energy use. In the EU, the use of wood for energy is also set to increase by 66% by the year 2020.


Sources: Fixteri, Sitra, Good News from Finland