Finnair to turn Helsinki into a major hub for flights to Asia

Finnair is looking for a partner to expand its services in the growing Asian market.

Finnair's sales to Asian business customers have grown by 50% this year. Last year the sales doubled from the previous year. At the moment Finnair's main target group consists of business travellers going to Asia but in the future it will also be targeting business travellers from Asia as well as the huge market of Chinese tourists.

According to Vehviläinen, Finnair is also strengthening its position in the Nordic market. In July Finnair and Flybe acquired Finnish Commuter Airlines and took over its domestic routes. In the future Flybe is planning to expand its operations in Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. Vehviläinen says the cooperation between Flybe and Finnair is working very well.

Source: Taloussanomat