FinlandCare promotes health tourism in Finland

Number of Russian patients buying health services in Finland is expected to increase substantially in the coming years.

Finpro has launched a new program called FinlandCare which promotes health tourism from Russia to Finland and supports the establishment of Finnish companies in the Russian markets. The aim of the program is to increase awareness in Russia about health care and wellbeing services utilising state of the art Finnish medical expertise and technology.

Every year tens of thousands of Russians buy health services outside. The number of patients is set to increase manyfold in a few years and health tourism in Finland will be a business worth tens of millions of euros, according to Tero Silvola, CEO of Nordic Clinic which brings patients to Finland.

High quality treatment

Launched in October this year, the website FinlandCare.ru provides information about Finnish health and wellbeing services specifically for the Russian market. A health care professional responsible for Russian language customer services acts as a link between Russian interested in Finland and the Finnish service providers.

Partner companies in the FinlandCare program include Docrates, Hyksin, Hospital Neo, Heart Center, Coxa and Orton. The Heart Center in Tampere offers cardiology, cardiac and thoracic surgery. Ovumia Clinic in Tampere provides infertility treatments. Coxa Hospital in Tampere specialises in joint replacements. Cancer treatments are available at Docrates Hospital in Helsinki. Orthopedic treatments are provided by ORTON Orthopaedic Hospital in Helsinki and Hospital Neo in Turku. Health tourism is also promoted by health entrepreneurs in the Kouvola and Lappeenranta regions.

The FinlandCare program is implemented by Finpro’s office in St. Petersburg. Finpro is a public-private organization and part of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy Group that promotes the internationalization of Finnish companies and foreign investment in Finland.

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