Finland world’s second best country for dynamic businesses to flourish

The Global Dynamism Index ranks Finland highly based on the business operating environment and science and technology.

Finland has been ranked as a number two country as a place for dynamic businesses to flourish. The Grant Thornton Global Dynamism Index (GDI) has ranked Finland second after Singapore and before Sweden on the third place. The United States ranked as a number ten and China as a number 20.

The index ranks countries based on 22 indicators of dynamism across five categories: business operating environment, economics & growth, science & technology and labour & human capital and financing environment.

Robust growth fundamentals

According to this index Finland was number one when countries were ranked by the business operating environment, number two based on the science and technology and number two based on the financing environment.

The report states that the eurozone crisis has clearly hurt the economies of Finland and Sweden, but the GDI “suggests that longer term growth fundamentals are robust. Both economies sit in the top three for both business operating environment and science and technology, with Finland behind only Singapore in terms of its financing environment."


Source: Good News from Finland