Finland will host Europe’s ICOS headquarters

The headquarters of the Integrated Carbon Observation System will coordinate the collection of data on the carbon cycle and greenhouse gas emissions.

The ICOS headquarters will be established in connection with the Finnish Meteorological Institute and its other Finnish partners are the University of Helsinki and the University of Eastern Finland. It will coordinate the work of some 50 observation sites in 15 European countries and employ about 50 staff, with an annual budget of more than EUR 10 million. In Finland the activities are funded by the Ministry of Transport and Communications and the Ministry of Education and Culture.


“ICOS aims to monitor the carbon cycle in the atmosphere as well as the sequestration of carbon in the ecosystem and the seas. This will give us information not only on the change in the carbon balance and the share of emissions in this change, but also on how the capacity of forests and seas to act as carbon sinks changes as the climate changes, says Petteri Taalas, Director General of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, and Chair of ICOS’s interim council.


Sources: STT, ICOS, Good news from Finland