Finland to boost R&D expenditure with tax incentives

New tax breaks are designed to encourage employment of R&D personnel and investments into unlisted growth companies.

He believes the most significant boost to the R&D activities of small and medium-sized companies in Finland will be a tax break worth a maximum of EUR 100,000, which the companies can claim annually for the salary costs of their R&D personnel.

Another new fiscal measure aims to boost investment into promising unlisted growth companies. “An investor will get a 50% tax break for investments made into a company that is not listed on the stock exchange. This will encourage quick investment into growth companies,” writes Häkämies. He also calls on investors to share their knowledge with entrepreneurs to help them grow faster.

According to Häkämies, there is currently a strong for spirit and drive for entrepreneurship and growth entrepreneurship in Finland, which is visible at the Aalto University, for example.

Source: Kauppalehti