Santa Claus

Blog / 21.12.2016

Finland – the best gift for Santa




Seasons’ greetings from the Finnish Lapland!



Lapland offers a great location and peaceful atmosphere for our Christmas business. With Finnish digital innovations & talent, it is easy to speed up the gift production and serve all the kids and adults in the world with cool gifts.

Finland is the world’s biggest contributor to innovation per capita with excellent schools and teachers. It has been easy to find little helpers who are very creative and passionate about their work. In the international business like ours, it has been also very useful to have staff who speak two or more languages fluently.

With excellent logistics in Finland, the global operations are easy to manage. Recently our logistics team have been training intensively for our Big Christmas Evening Flight around the world. We have broken all the records and I am very proud of our reindeer team. If you see something flying in the sky faster than anything you have ever seen, do not worry – it is just us in our daily rehearsal.

In my home region like anywhere in Finland, it is easy to spot Finland is the greenest country in the world - in actions, attitudes and atmosphere. Finland is also the most forested country in Europe; with 17 billion trees, there is no sight of us running out of Christmas trees.

I am everyone’s friend and want to help people around the world because I strongly believe it is important to care for one another.

I wish all of you – and especially to the children around the world – a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you soon,

Santa Claus
Korvatunturi (Mountain Ear in English), Lapland