Finland supports eleven energy technology key projects in 2017

In January 2017, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland announced its decision on the renewable energy and new energy technology investment projects to be supported in 2017. The granted support of 39.7 million euros is divided between 11 different energy related key projects.

Four of the chosen projects deal with the transportation use of biogas, five with new energy systems and energy efficiency, one with solar power and one with the charging point infrastructure of electric cars.

The grants cover approximately 30 per cent of the acceptable costs of the projects, which are approximately 130 million euros. However, the total investment in the projects is considerably larger.

The key energy project application process is based on a competition between the projects. The objective was to identify those projects, that are most suitable considering the climate and energy goals set nationally and for EU for the year 2030. 55 applications were submitted, and the projects to be supported were chosen from this group.

The projects, that will be supported, demonstrate/pilot technological solutions that are considered necessary for the objectives for 2030 to be reached. Furthermore, these systems are considered to involve particular domestic know-how and a great export potential.

In addition to the solutions relating to the transport sector, commercialising new energy technology was key objective. This was done to make the support more effective as it is granted for several projects that are of different types.

Pressure of reducing emissions creates new business opportunities


There is an enormous pressure of reducing emissions in the transport sector. The transportation use of biogas is expected to play an important role in the future energy solutions of traffic. The possibilities for the use of biogas cars can be enhanced by increasing the biogas production and extending the filling station network. Liquefying biogas, methanating carbon dioxide and combining biogas and biodiesel production represent new technology in the projects.

Liquefied biogas can also be used in heavy road transport and it can be transported to filling stations more cost-effectively. Other innovations and new technological solutions relating to biogas plants will improve the profitability of the projects in future. Many of these solutions also follow other principles of circular economy.

"The granted support to the key projects provides also a unique opportunity for international companies. Finland is an ideal location for production of advanced traffic biofuels. We have major demand for new capacity, well-functioning policies already in place and world class partners available,” says Jari Tielinen, Senior Advisor at Finpro’s Invest in Finland unit.


”Finland is an ideal location for production of advanced traffic biofuels”