Finland set for wind power construction boom

Many planned wind power projects will be realised in Finland next year.

Finland’s wind power sector will experience an all-time construction boom next year, according to Patrik Frostell, advisor at the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries. Many of the wind power projects that have been in the planning stage will be implemented in 2013.

Frostell says that the pace of construction also needs to be speeded up if Finland is going to meet its energy policy targets for wind power set for the year 2020. The target for wind power is a capacity of 2500 MW, of which only a tenth has so far been constructed.

Attractive offshore wind sites

Internationally the wind power industry is going through difficult times because the economic crisis has slowed down investments. New markets are expected to develop in South America which could also bring more business for Finnish component manufacturers.

A spatial analysis conducted by GL Garrad Hassan for the Baltic Sea Region Energy Co-operation (BASREC) indicates that Finland has the highest capacity of attractive offshore wind sites within the Baltic Sea region. Finland is also set to play a central role within the expanded Nordpool power market as the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are fully integrated, according to an article in the magazine Tuulienergia.

Source: Kauppalehti, Tuulienergia