Finland’s under-developed online retail trade offers business opportunities

Google’s global director Petri Kokko is surprised that only 15% of Finnish companies have accepted online orders.

Finland’s retail sector has not fully understood the opportunities offered by online shopping and the changes driven by consumer behaviour, according to Petri Kokko, global director at Google. Only 15% of Finnish companies are taking orders online, a figure he described as “frightening” during the Retail Day organised by the Kesko retail group in January 2010.

Speaking at the same event, Mika Pantzar, Professor at Aalto University and an expert on consumer research, described a scenario where the baby boomer generation may become a well-off generation of senior shoppers. New retail services are required to serve Finland’s ageing population in the new era of hippie pensioners and senior citizen collectives.

Products will be delivered more often to the consumers, rather than people going to the shops. People can be in direct online contact with retail warehouses, where robots collect the required items that are then delivered to the front door. The home delivery of groceries is already popular in the UK, but has not been widely adopted by retailers in Finland.

Suvi Lindén, Finland’s minister for communications, noted that Finnish retailers also need to take into account that consumers are sharing their shopping experiences more and more online.

Source: Keskisuomalainen