Finland’s Tieto Corporation wins Green Enterprise IT Award

The heat produced by Tieto’s highly energy efficient data centre goes into the district heat network and is equivalent to the annual heating requirements of 1500 houses.

Tieto’s new energy efficient data centre has won the internationally renowned Green Enterprise IT Award. The recognition from the US Uptime Institute came in the Beyond the Data Centre category. The institute supports activities that improve energy efficiency in the IT industry, fosters information sharing and the introduction of energy efficient practices and innovations on a global scale.


The award was presented to the Espoo data centre solution in Finland where the planning focused on energy efficiency. The volume of the heat put back into the district heat network is greater than in any other similar solution. The PUE value of the system’s energy efficiency is 1.2-1.3, while the value normally ranges between 1.8 and 3.


The centre produces 30 gigawatt hours of heat, which is the equivalent of the annual heat requirement for about 1,500 houses. The heat from the computer room centre is distributed to homes in Espoo through Fortum's district heating network. Heat produced in the data centre is used to replace fossil-fuel based heat production, which means a reduction in CO2 emissions by approximately 10,000 tons per year. The awarded data centre is the first module in an entity being built in Espoo, planned to comprise a total of 6,000 square metres of data centre space.


Tieto is the leading IT service company in Northern Europe providing IT and product engineering services. It also has data centres elsewhere in the Helsinki metropolitan area, as well as in Stockholm, St Petersburg and Moscow.

Source: Tieto