Finland’s social and health sector to open for private service providers

Private companies can play a bigger role in the provision of services for Finland’s municipal social and health sector, according to Kari Nenonen.

The share of social and health sector is more than 50% of the budget in all of Finland’s municipalities, according to Kari Nenonen, deputy director of the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, who is responsible for the association’s health services. He believes that there will be more and more business and third sector activity alongside municipal services in the future.

In Nenonen’s client-service provide model, the local authority would still be responsible for organising the services and the markets would be opened in a controlled way. He would like to see stronger municipal structures in Finland, which would help the development of knowledgeable procurement organisations and markets.

Nenonen views Finland as a sparsely populated country where cooperation between the municipalities is not enough and the organisation of services should be examined as part of a bigger regional picture. The development of standardized data systems is one important area in the social and health sector, according to Nenonen.

Source: Näköalat