Finland’s retail trade sales are growing well

Retail sector sales increased by 5.5% in August 2010, according to early data from Statistics Finland.

Finland’s retail trade enjoyed 5.5% growth in August 2010 compared to the same period one year ago, according to preliminary data from Statistics Finland. Consumer confidence in the Finnish economy is buoyant, with the confidence indicator currently at its highest level since 1994.

In September 2010, 53% of Finnish consumers thought the time was favourable for making major purchases. More households than before were planning to spend money on, for instance, travelling, home decoration, home electronics and hobby equipment during the next six months. About 18% of households were fairly or very certain to buy a car and 7% to buy a dwelling during the next 12 months. In September 2009 the corresponding figures were 14% and 8%.

Source: Statistics Finland