Finland’s retail sector duopoly continues to strengthen

Many Finnish consumers would like to see more competition in the retail sector for daily consumer goods

Suomen Lähikauppa’s Siwa chain still has the largest network of stores with a total of 511, followed by the K-market chain with 474 stores, and the S-market chain with 438 stores. From the chains, the S-Group’s S-market chain and Prisma chain have the biggest market share. Prisma’s sales increased by 5.4% in 2010, mainly thanks to the opening of new stores.

The Finnish market situation is also unusual in terms of the popularity of large stores in the retail of daily consumer goods. Large supermarkets now make up more than a third of the total sales of daily consumer goods in Finland. According to Sanna Kotakorpi, director of customer services at Nielsen, 10% of the total number of stores in the sector contributes 50% of the total sales value of daily consumer goods. Last year 28 new large supermarkets were constructed in Finland, taking the total to 585. A large supermarket is defined as having more than 1000 square metres of sales floor space, with more than two thirds of sales consisting of daily consumer goods.

Source: Kaupan Maailma