Finland’s R&D expenditure is highest in Europe

Growth in R&D expenditure came mainly from business enterprises in 2011, according to Statistics Finland.

Finland’s R&D expenditure exceeded EUR 7 billion in 2011 and was 3.78% of GDP, which is the highest in Europe and the second highest among the OECD countries, according to Statistics Finland. In 2010, the EU countries used 1.9% of their total GDP on R&D, while in the OECD countries the figure was 2.4%.

In 2011, R&D expenditure in Finland increased by EUR 192 million from the previous year, with almost all the growth coming from business enterprises. R&D expenditure by business enterprises amounted to EUR 5.0 billion, which was 70% of the total. Business enterprises financed 90% of their R&D activity themselves. More than half of the R&D spending by companies was directed to the manufacturing of computers and electronic devices.

Number of R&D personnel is increasing

Finland’s higher education sector contributed EUR 1.4 billion and the rest of the public sector EUR 700 million to the total expenditure in R&D. In the public sector, the most of the R&D spending was in the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Transport and Communications, and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The number of people working in R&D tasks in Finland was 80,877 in 2011 and increased by 840 people from the year before, mostly in the business sector. Slightly over half of R&D personnel work in companies, 37% in the higher education sector and 12% in the public sector.

Source: Statistics Finland