Finland’s public buildings could save EUR 100 million

Remote monitoring and investments in energy efficiency could reduce maintenance costs by 9-12% annually, according Finnish company YIT.

It is possible to reduce the annual maintenance costs of Finland’s public administration buildings by EUR 100 million annually, according to a report by YIT, a Finnish service company for the real estate and construction sectors. The aim of YIT’s report was to map out the possibilities for improving energy efficiency through measures that can be easily adopted.


“According to our calculations, a saving of at least 9% could be achieved in the whole building stock of the public administration with the help of remote monitoring and by regularly checking the processes of the building technology systems. In addition, if investments are made with a payback period of less than three years, the saving potential increases to 11-12%,” says Ville Tamminen, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales, YIT Kiinteistötekniikka Oy.


Energy saving projects


For example, from the properties owned by the state and municipalities, the buildings used for teaching purposes are empty almost 70% of the year. According to a report by the City of Helsinki in 2012, half of the electricity consumption of the buildings occurs when the buildings are not used for teaching or for evening activities. This means that it is possible achieve a 9% annual saving without new investments.


In the last few years, YIT has implemented energy saving projects in Turku, Kuopio, Jyväskylä and Akaa. In 2013 YIY is implementing an energy saving project involving nine properties in the municipality of Siilinjärvi. With the help of YIT’s ESCO project, the municipality is aiming to make significant savings in electricity and heat consumption, and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 450 tons annually.


YIT has clients in 14 countries and its turnover was about EUR 4.6 billion in 2012.


Source: YIT