Finland’s provinces enjoyed more overnight stays this summer

The provinces of Uusimaa, Satakunta and Pohjois-Karjala enjoyed significant increases in the number of overnight stays this summer.

The Uusimaa province that includes the Helsinki metropolitan area enjoyed a 7.3% increase in the number of overnight stays by domestic and foreign tourists during the period May-July 2010. In terms of cities, Helsinki had the biggest increase with almost 95,000 more overnight stays, while Vantaa increased by 22,700, Oulu by 14,500 and Joensuu by 13,700.

In the Satakunta and Pohjois-Karjala provinces the number of overnight stays increased by about 17,000. Most of the growth came from domestic tourism. The number of overnight stays by foreign tourists increased by 35,000 in Helsinki, which is the same as the total for the rest of the country.

Source: Statistics Finland