Finland’s private care service sector has good growth prospects

Companies offering private care services are profitable in Finland, according to the Aamulehti newspaper.

The prospects of the private care service sector are very profitable in Finland, according to a study by the Aamulehti newspaper. For example, in 2007 the return on investment for the company MedOne was 461%. Most of the companies in the sector are still quite young and their profits not so high but their growth prospects are good, according to Aamulehti.

Leading companies in the sector include Mainio Vire, Attendo MedOne and Esperi Care. In 2009 Mainio Vire had a turnover of EUR 47 million with profits of EUR 0.8 million, while Attendo MedOne made a profit of EUR 3.2 million on a turnover of EUR 33 milllion. Esperi Care’s turnover was almost EUR 24 million, with profits of almost EUR 1 million. Other companies in the sector are Mediverkko Hoivapalvelut (turnover EUR 6 million), Coronaria Wellcare (turnover EUR 2.7 million), Palvelukoti Sylvianna (turnover EUR 2 million) and Pirkanmaan Hoitajapalvelu (turnover EUR 545,000 in 2010).

Source: Aamulehti