Finland’s new Mining Act comes into force at the beginning of July

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency will become the new mining authority, taking over from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy.

Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency becomes the new mining authority

The official mining administration work will move from the Ministry of Employment and the Economy to the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes). The mining official will resolve permit issues and monitor compliance of the law. The work will be carried out in the mining group established in Rovaniemi by Tukes.

The new Mining Act takes into consideration other major legislation applicable to mineral exploration and mining activity, such as the Environmental Protection Act, Nature Conservation Act, Wilderness Act, Land Use and Building Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act, and the legislation on the Sami homelands, Skolt areas and the reindeer husbandry area. The objective has been to incorporate the act with other legislation to create a coherent whole.

The Nuclear Energy Act will also be revised in conjunction with the new Mining Act. Permit applications for uranium mines under the Nuclear Energy Act and the Mining Act will be considered together and resolved with the same decision in the Council of State. Granting the permit requires, among other things, that the mining project is in the interests of the whole society, the municipality where the mine is to be located has given its agreement, and that safety requirements have been met.

The mining rights previously granted to gold panning will expire after a nine-year transition period. The current holders of mining rights have priority to the gold panning permits under the new act in a corresponding area. From July 2020, gold panning in the Lemmenjoki National Park can only be conducted using traditional methods.

Source: Ministry of Employment and the economy