Finland’s ICT sector and Motiva research energy efficient datacenters

The project will produce monitoring guidelines and recommendations for improving datacenter energy efficiency.

A joint project between Finland’s ICT sector and Motiva, a government agency promoting efficient and sustainable use of energy and materials, is aiming to reduce the total consumption of electricity despite the increasing number of servers and datacenters. Motiva estimates that datacenters make up about 0.5-1.5% of electricity consumption in Finland.

Launched in autumn 2010, the project is examining the current state of energy efficiency in Finnish datacenters and the possibilities for improving their performance. Finland has already been developing different kinds of solutions to improve datacenter infrastructure and management. These include minimizing the electricity use of servers, locating datacenters near cooling waterways, as well as capturing the heat generated by datacenters and feeding it into the district heating network.

The project will produce guidelines for monitoring the energy use of datacenters and recommendations for the indicators to be used in measuring energy efficiency, which will be published in November 2011. At the same time the project will also examine the energy efficient cooling solutions made possible by Finland’s climate.

The project is funded by Finland’s Ministry of Employment and the Economy and the participating companies, which include CSC - IT Center for Science, Datacenter Finland, FiCom, Fortum Power and Heat, Fujitsu Services, Helsingin Energia, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Rittal, Schneider Electric Finland, TeliaSonera Finland and Tieto.

Source: Motiva