Finland’s furniture retail sales increased by 6.1% in February

The furniture sector needs new ideas to transform itself, according to Arja Tammi from the Association of Finnish Furniture Retailers.

Furniture retail sales in Finland increased by 6.1% in February 2011 compared to the same period one year ago. This signals a return to healthy growth in the sector after furniture retail sales fell by 10% during the recession year 2009.

According to Arja Tammi, managing director of the Association of Finnish Furniture Retailers and Forma ry, Finland’s furniture retail sector has been operating too traditionally for too long. She believes that the sector needs new ideas and experiences, more courage and better ways of taking the customers’ views into account.

Tammi predicts that the number of businesses in the Finnish furniture retail market may fall from the current level of 400 companies. Suomi-Soffa SSF Oy, one of the major companies in the sector with 22 stores around Finland, filed for bankruptcy in April.

Source: Ilkka