Finland’s energy efficiency drive creates more business

Most Finns planning to build their own houses want to make them as energy-efficient as possible.

Finland is slightly behind its Nordic neighbors in issues concerning energy efficiency, but is working hard to catch up, according to Finnish architect Kimmo Lylykangas, one of the speakers at the forthcoming Vaasa EnergyWeek event held on 18-21 March 2013. “Finnish know-how in the production of the kind of shell for a house which is able to endure all kinds of weather conditions is top class. We are also forerunners in innovations, such as ventilation that is equipped to recover heat,” he says.


Lylykangas believes that the majority of Finns planning to build their own houses want to make them as energy-efficient as possible, as long as building costs don’t climb excessively. People are not necessarily concerned with carbon dioxide emissions, but with the future heating and maintenance costs of their house.


“The products offered by the building industry have seen huge development and improvements, and consequently the building of energy-efficient houses is getting more and more affordable and easy,” says Lylykangas.


Demand for energy-efficient buildings


Lylykangas is pleased with the new energy management regulations issued in Finland last year which now focus on a building's total annual energy consumption instead of its heat loss. “It took us in one fell swoop to the forefront of development,” says Lylykangas, whose architect’s office concentrates almost entirely on the design of passive houses.


Old buildings will also gradually be made more energy-efficient after the new regulations on energy efficiency for renovation come into effect this year. Lylykangas is concerned, however, that the training and know-how of Finnish planners and architects may fall behind with the increasing number of new demands set on the built-up environment.


Vaasa EnergyWeek 2013


Lylykangas is one of the speakers at the Vaasa EnergyWeek 2013, a major international energy event attracting over 2000 energy professionals and decision-makers, which will be held in the city of Vaasa in western Finland on 18-21 March 2013. The Vaasa region is the Nordic leader in energy technology, hosting more than 120 businesses with a total annual business turnover of about EUR 4 and an export rate of over 70%.


Source: Vaasa EnergyWeek 2013