Finland’s electricity prices among the cheapest in the EU

Low-cost electricity makes Finland an attractive location for energy-intensive investments like datacenters.

Eurostat’s study of electricity prices for the second half of 2009 shows that companies and consumers in Finland enjoy significantly cheaper electricity compared to the EU average. The price of electricity for industrial customers in Finland is the fourth lowest in the EU, while the price for consumers is the eighth lowest, according to Eurostat’s latest figures.


On average, companies in the EU pay EUR 10.26 per 100 kWh, compared to just EUR 6.83 in Finland. Finnish consumers pay EUR 12.89 per 100 kWh, whereas the average price in the EU is EUR 16.45 per 100 kWh. When the electricity prices are examined in terms of purchasing power standards (PPS) per 100kWh for a household (including all taxes), Eurostat’s findings show that Finnish consumers actually enjoy the cheapest electricity in the EU.


Low-cost electricity boosts Finland’s competitiveness in energy-intensive investments like data centers, where electricity costs make up about half of the total operating costs. Consequently, international companies can make significant cost savings by locating their data centers in Finland.


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Source: Eurostat, sahkoala.fi