Finland’s Aviapolis aims for more growth

Increasing demand for air travel and freight is driving the growth of the Aviapolis business and logistics hub.

Over the past ten years Aviapolis has grown into a complete city surrounding the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, covering a total area of 42 square kilometres. More than 1100 companies and 35,000 people currently work in the Aviapolis area, which is the fastest-growing concentration of small and large businesses in the Helsinki region. 98% of all passenger air traffic in Finland passes through the airport and through Aviapolis.

According to Mari Peltomäki, Project Manager, Aviapolis Development Team, the growth in passenger volumes at the airport has attracted more traffic, new companies, routes and new passengers. “Aviapolis was created to support this growth,” says Peltomäki in an interview with the Finnish business daily Kauppalehti.

Ring Rail Line enhances accessibility

Both air travel and air freight are forecast to grow strongly over the coming decades. The airport will break the 15 million passenger landmark this year and is aiming for 20 million by the end of this decade. One of Aviapolis’ competitive advantages is that there is still ample land available for development in the area around the airport.

Aviapolis is already the most important logistics centre in Finland but Peltomäki believes that the area has the potential for growth on a much greater scale in the future. The next impetus for growth will come from the new Ring Rail Line that also stops at Aviapolis on the way to the airport. When completed next year, the Ring Rail Line will provide a fast rail connection to the airport and allow 200,000 more daily commuters to use public transportation.

Companies with operations in Aviapolis include Finnair, DHL, Schenker, Itella Logistics, G4S CASH Service, and Securitas.

Sources: Kauppalehti, Aviapolis