Finland ranked second globally by Human Capital Index

Finland’s skilled workforce benefits from the world’s best education and enabling environment.

Finland is ranked as the second most successful country in the world in the World Economic Forum’s Human Capital Index. The index seeks to provide a holistic, long term overview on how well countries are leveraging their human capital and establishing workforces that are prepared for the demands of competitive economies.

The index contains 51 indicators in total and measures countries on their ability to develop and deploy their workforces through four distinct pillars: Education Health and Wellness Workforce and Employment and Enabling Environment. According to the index, Finland’s exemplary Education and Enabling Environment scores put it at the top of the rankings for these two pillars and seven ranks ahead of the next highest-ranking Nordic country.

Skilled and innovative workforce

In terms of specific indicators, Finland is ranked as the best country in the world for the ease of finding skilled employees, social mobility, intellectual property protection and property rights, and the absence of an education gender gap. Finland is also ranked second most successful globally for its capacity for innovation, capacity to retain talent, staff training, quality of domestic transport, business and university R&D collaboration, and internet access in schools.

In addition to investment in human capital across health, education and employment, Finland is able to leverage strong returns through creating an effective ecosystem or enabling environment, according to the World Economic Forum.

Source: World Economic Forum