Finland ranked fifth in Site Selection’s Best to Invest report

Finland successfully attracted capital investment projects in 2013, according to report.

Finland is ranked fifth in Western Europe in the annual Best to Invest rankings for investment-attraction activity in 2013 by Site Selection, the magazine of corporate real estate strategy & area economic development. Finland has maintained its good performance after being placed fourth last year.

According to Site Selection, the national Investment Promotion Agencies and metro areas scoring well in the rankings were particularly successful in 2013 at attracting capital investment projects — both expansions of existing facilities and new projects — from investors at home and abroad. Capital investors only invest where they are confident they will earn a meaningful return, and the locations with high rankings deliver that confidence. Site Selection

Information for decision-makers

Half of the criteria for Best to Invest rankings was based on growth in new facilities, capital investment and job creation using data from Conway Data’s New Plant database and from IBM-PLI’s database of new projects for calendar years 2012 and 2013. The other half of the ranking was based on the Location Rank and Competitiveness Score resident in LocationSelector.com’s proprietary database using these factors: business costs, economic strength, infrastructure regulatory burden and tax rates.

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Source: Site Selection