Finland promotes wind power and cleantech procurements

The feed-in tariff system for wind power now extends to projects in the Åland Islands.

The government of Finland has made a decision to support the development of wind power in theprovince of the Åland Islands through a production subsidy. Until now the autonomous province has not had a feed-in tariff system in place for wind power. The province will commit itself to increasing the share of renewable energy sources by at least 9.5% by the year 2020, which is the obligation set for Finland by the EU.

The government will now proceed quickly to negotiations with the provincial government to agree on the terms of participation in three wind power projects, Långnabba I and II, and Stenarna. The projects could be operational by the year 2016, with a total output of 48 MW and producing about 0.12 TWh of electricity annually. Most of the electricity will be consumed in the Åland Islands. The annual feed-in tariff will amount to about EUR 6 million and will be paid for 12 years.

More cleantech procurements

The Finnish government has also made a decision in principle that obliges the state and municipalities to take green technology solutions into account in all public procurements. The objective is to direct EUR 350 million into new cleantech solutions, with a particular focus on waste services, traffic solutions, energy production and building energy efficiency. This would amount to 1% of the total value of public procurements. The government will promote implementation by acting as a pioneer, creating incentives, activating forerunner municipalities, and by establishing an advice service to support cleantech solutions.

The government has also made another decision in principle for promoting sustainable consumption. The aim is to reduce the use of energy and materials in private and public consumption, which will promote the creation of green jobs.

Source: Ministry of Employment and the Economy