Finland looking for bids for major rail track construction project

Construction of Kokkola-Ylivieska project will cost EUR 263 million euros, with a total contract value estimated at EUR 660 million.

A second railway track will be constructed between the Finnish towns of Kokkola and Ylivieska in 2011-2014. The existing track will also be renewed. The project will be implemented using a public-private partnership (PPP) model for the first time in Finland's rail network, and is expected to attract bids by international companies.

In a public-private partnership, in addition to planning and construction the contractor is responsible for track maintenance and financing for a set period. In the Kokkola-Ylivieska project the Finnish Rail Administration is looking to conclude a contract for 20-30 years.

According to the master plan for the Kokkola-Ylivieska project, construction costs will total EUR 263 million euros. The total value of the contract has been estimated at 660 million euros. The project is part of the upgrading of the Seinäjoki-Oulu line section.

Source: Finnish Transport Agency