Case study

Finland is the strategic move for Atos’ next-generation data centres

When Atos, a leading provider of information technology services globally, decided to locate one of its global cloud service centres in Finland, the company was continuing a well-considered strategy.

Global IT giants, such as Atos, are choosing Finland as strategic location for next-generation data centres and cloud computing services. Powering up the choice are Finland’s cool climate, world class technology and bedrock stability – both social and geological. Atos was building on a foundation that is fast making Finland Europe’s premiere data centre country.

Proven strategy


“We chose Helsinki as a strategic location thanks to its well-functioning infrastructure, attractive location and excellent technology know-how,” says Tapio Koskinen, Head of Managed Services, Atos International.

“We also wanted to offer only green, energy-efficient data centre services through our presence in Finland. The resources needed to achieve this goal – both in terms of cooling water supply and skilled professionals – had to be readily available locally.”

The new data centre project was launched in September 2012, and is a continuation of an earlier investment by Atos. In 2011, Atos began construction of the world’s most eco-efficient data centre in Helsinki in cooperation with its Finnish partner and a local utility company. The data centres are equipped with a heat pump that channels the excess heat produced during cooling into the district heating network.

Eco-efficient data


“The new data center in Helsinki provides the city with renewable energy and put us at the forefront of eco-efficient data centre services. Finland allows us to deliver high-standard IT services in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way,” says Philippe Mareine, EVP General Secretary, Atos.

“We see the Nordics as a promising, growing market that can support the globalization of the group. Finland has major manufacturing industry companies with global reach and its public sector is looking for new kind of success models. Atos is willing to offer Finland its best practices from Europe and bring its expertise and innovations to the region., formulates Gilles Grapinet , Senior Executive Vice President, Global Functions, Atos.

Mr. Grapinet points out that since 2011, Atos has been centralizing its data centers to support the strongly growing demand of cloud services. Sustainability is recognised as part of the company’s core business, and Finnish achievements in developing the most eco-efficient data center technology in the world fits perfectly in its strategy.

Text: Sari Ojala