Finland is ranked world’s most attractive mining location

Finland’s public policy towards the mining industry is highly encouraging to investment, according to the Fraser Institute.

The Canadian think tank Fraser Institute has ranked Finland as the world’s most attractive mining jurisdiction in its Annual Survey of Mining Companies. The survey is based on responses from mining executives in 742 mining-related companies on the investment climate of 96 jurisdictions around the world.

The survey responses have been tallied to rank provinces, states, and countries according to the extent that public policy factors encourage or discourage investment. Finland had the highest Policy Potential Index score of 95.5 in the survey.

Finland’s many strengths

Finland scored extremely well across all the survey categories. It was ranked the best in the world in the geological database category which includes the quality and scale of maps, and ease of access to information. Finland also emerged as the top mining country for the supply of labour and skills.

Finland was also ranked among the leading countries for its current mineral potential, political stability, security and low level of corruption, and lack of uncertainty concerning disputed land claims. According to the survey results, other strengths of the Finnish mining sector include well-functioning labour regulations and employment agreements, and the lack tariff and non-tariff barriers, restrictions on profit repatriation, and currency restrictions.

The Fraser Institute is an independent Canadian public policy research and educational organisation which measures and studies the impact of competitive markets and government interventions on individuals and society.

Source: Fraser Institute